Today my apple was The Goblin King David Bowie Apple. His hobbies included wearing stupidly tight trousers that leave little to the imagination, singing and befriending muppets. His last words were, ” You remind me of the babe.”, to which I replied, “What babe.” and then he said, “The babe with the power.” Confused I asked, “What power?” to which he responded, “The power of voodoo.” Shocked I blurted out, “Who do?!?” and he said, “You do.” By this point I was totally baffled so I asked, “Do what?” and he said, “Remind me of the babe.” Then he started singing, “I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry!” but to be honest, by this point he was just delirious with pain as I had eaten most of his face. He tasted like a classic.