Today my apple was an outspoken fool called Babsy Noseface. Her hobbies included complaining when the police do anything, complaining when the police do nothing and feeling superior to other people. Her last words were, “The police have had ‘training’ so they should have no fear of death and should always allow someone to try and shoot them before shooting back- otherwise it just isn’t cricket. I’m sure I would be scared in this situation and may end up shooting an innocent person, but I haven’t had ‘training’.” I couldn’t help but think that the pressure and criticism apples like her have put on the police have basically castrated them. Why would you pay for a guard dog and then pull it’s teeth out? If people get involved in riots they should expect to be hit with a police baton and if they carry around a firearm (real or realistic replica) they should expect to be shot. She tasted like someone who thinks they live in a magical land populated by fairies and goblins where everything is black and white.