Today my apple was a lovely lady called Jane Clossick O’Sapplevan. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her because the last time we went for dinner I showed up two hours late and drunk. I cant remember what happened during that dinner, but I imagine we had a lovely time. Her hobbies included looking at the ever popular human of the day blog, Ninja skills and anything creative particularly if it involves ribbon. Her last words were, “I thought being apple of the day would be more exciting than this, but I see now that the brief moment of fame is not enough of a reward for letting you eat me alive.” I thought back on all the apples that have given their lives for AOD and felt a pang of guilt as I munched on O’Sapplevan’s face. She tasted like someone who you still get on with really well, even though you don’t see. And cheese. Which was really tasty, but also a little worrying as is always the case when something other than cheese tastes like cheese.

Well done to Jane Clossick O’Sullivan who is the winner of our AOD promotional competition. Thanks to all others who took part, I did notice and appreciate all your efforts. Who knows, maybe one day you too will also be apple of the day.

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